A9dbo Fundz feat. A9ksav and A92 Lyrics
"Back 2 Back"

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i really roll with my dogs like goofy
gyal say they like my tunes like looney
slide they dont it like toosie i'll
get round there spill juice like smoothie
fruity that's them boy over der
recording man that's gay not spooky
true say i'm little like uzi
i'll still slide to ur zone with 2 like snoopy
back shots for the gyal with bootie

i like big backs and i make big racks
ai bro f that lets smoke some cali
yes i'm really out beefing these with
tranny bitches with dicks it ain't making me happy
holding my tools young boy is my cadi
rambisha on waist when i step out my taxi
seen some turn athlete brudda
don't mad me best just pray it ain't Z in the passy

Man I go back 2 back with anyone
I can go back 2 back for days
Look at the flick of the wrist with the Tola
Mans got that b2b of flake
Stick gonna tap mans dome like poker
Rambo wet up ur boy like rain
Can't fuck with them man there jokers
separating the real from the fake

Told broski don't slam on the breaks
Told broski don't stop for the Jake's
Mans in the passy do that's glady
Hold up what let that spray
They can't hack this beef like steak
They don't slide like toosi drake
Ur bro bro got slapped on the mains
Come in the dark of the night Bruce Wayne

yeah i me and Dbo on this back to back
when swift saw gang had a heart attack
really on the fields like a match attack
really making plays like a quarter back
tt grub for the local cats if u owe me i bread i ain't over that
they've been tryna arrest like cardiac

cah i'm really a star like zodiac
If it's war that u want it's war that you'll get
I don't play no games like Fortnite anglo arms tryna open chest
My girl gets way too stressed
when I don't bell back or leave no text
Just got a call from the plug
the foods up north I'll be back in a sec

And I'm really out here tryna leave tops read
i'm really out here tryna leave tops red,
open torn or ripped off
don't know why talk like that am
pissed off really made big men
dance no tiktok I want big prof out in the block
tryna make pockets fat like Rick Ross don't criss cross can't

violate me make a man see blood no crip walk
Make a man see blood no crip walk
Or I'll show man red like a ref
My cuz 4 for firearm charges
My bro got 6 for attempted M
I'll bore out his chest and take out flesh
Who tf said that we aiming for legs
Way before rap they were calling me fundz
8 for a box nothing less

i'm on the opp block tryna cause commotion
when i glide bro see the motion
in swinging my arm tryna leave them
open everyone telling us dead
the beef but sorry i can't let it go like frozen
i can't lie we get points like
DeRozan show no emotion to bitches fr
sorry darling it's the life i've chosen

it's me ksav on this back to back
how many times they lack cross half the map
Im really in the field no match attacks
and i'm really making plays like the quarterback
Jump out the ride with 4 man 4 man,
corn in the mash man bust them waps
you don't want buck gang on the roads
cah my bros put holes in one
like them silver backs

Yeah we slide to B like Gody
they don't come to the A their funny
switch it we really put blades in body
Yo i'm bagging out ye for the money
most the time am Malone like bugzy
patrolling the block let them try like rugby

step comfy even out country spill juice
i'm clumsy oh unlucky, Yo I don't lift no weight in the gym
but the mandem know I'll bench press that food
In the bando counting up paper
don't wanna talk cause I'm in that mood
I step comfy in designer creps
mandem couldn't live in my shoes free
my cuz keep ur head up high
cause u know you'll be out soon