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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Lyrics
"My Shit"

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In my bag now, in my bag now
What the fuck is that sound
What the fuck is that sound
[Verse 1]
Pulled the mac out nigga sat down
I got shit I never had now I can brag now
Got my bitch a louis bag now she can brag now
Bought my bitch a Birkin bag now she a brat now
Now I'm sitting in the club in a different bag now
Baby when I pick it up you gon put that ass down
Tell em "You don't give a fuck" baby spin that ass round
Tell the DJ turn it up what the fuck is that sound
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and it's always foreign
Yeah I know she likes my style them other niggas boring
When I pull up it go "skrrt skrrt" that's a foreign
When I pull up on a red light they don't want it
Yeah I came up from the mud and my baby know that
Introduced her to my plug now she thinks she all that
When I first hit her up no she never wrote back
Then I saw her at the club so I got up on that

Now every time they play this song she say "this is my shit"
See the flick of my wrist
And I know she know what's up baby this is my shit
See the flick of my wrist

[Verse 2]
They know that's my bitch, that's a fact and she stuck with me
When you in my section fill it up when my cup empty
I can't fuck with rats, that's a fact that's a dub nigga
All about my F's can't put water over blood nigga
Trust me it get ugly
If I wasn't getting money would you still want me?
If I told you I was broke would you start acting funny?
This is all I ever want you can't take it from me
This song is from the album "Artist".