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4lyn Lyrics
"My Evil Twin"

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Leave me alone now

He doesn't sleep he doesn't eat
All he needs is electricity
He's the good the bad and the ugly in me
He doesn't speak and he doesn't lough

He just wants to take everything I have
He got me twistin' and turnin'
Whistling and burning you heard me?

He is the sickness in person
He is my gift and my curse
I can't run from my evil twin no
He's up to no good out to bring pain
Pumps his evil thoughts straight into my veins

Steps on my toes tortures my brain until I go down insane
I am the one and only reason for that what you are
He wants me to move when he comes through
He wants me to dance for you
He's the one that makes you love me

And you love me
Don't you love me?
He scratches with my nails and my will in my skin
I can't run from my evil twin no
I'm the darkest thought you can think

And most dangerous poison to drink
I am something that you can't murder
Won't you ... why ... why won't you...
Leave me alone now
I can't run from my evil twin no
This song is from the album "Compadres".