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Yung God Lyrics
"Barbie Freestyle"

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[Verse 1 : Yung God]
Flip the script make a bitch trick
Cause I got these pretty tats
I ain't go to Arizona but Im getting wild cat
21 Bitches on deck call that shit blackjack
Get crack like Mick Mack if a nigga try to wild
Higher than a God
Nigga I was created by one
Then I hopped up at the party bitches drippin off my john
I am Yung God bitch I get head like salons
Pretty niggas beat the pussy like ba-rumpumpumpum
Flood the whole world its an Ocean gang party bitch

Im a grown man I dont play with no Barbie bitches
Not to diss Nicki Minaj, Niggas know what Im talking about
Black on black time I blew a Yellowbones brains out

[Hook ft Yung God and his amazing adlibs]

[Verse 2 : Yung God]

Niggas throw a party and that shit be deserted
Nigga I throw a party and that shit be so packed
Bitch its 12:30 walk in and you know Im strapped
If I feel contact pop em like a Xanax
Dress like I trap bitch I got bout 30 taps?
Niggas hating on Yung God I brought PBS back
Damn my weed wrapped in plastic, swag like magic
As long as my momma happy I give a fuck about this rap shit
I'd came in looking perfect like a Barbie
Kush got me think Im going crazy like Gnarls Barkley
Bitch suck me up, swallow cum thats a meatjob
Ocean Gang bitch riding wild yellow bitch mob