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Young Lucid Lyrics
"The Island in the Sky"

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[Intro: Young Lucid]

It's Young Luc Young Luc
And you know we had to do it to em'

[Verse 1: Young Lucid]

It's the island in the sky baby
Young Luc I just came here for the fine ladies
Pharaoh of the city keep a hundred Dutches with me

You know Lucid got the spliffy If I smoke it then it's sticky
But check this
You food you breakfast
Your life a wack movie like them joints on Netflix
Can't fuck with me all them old niggas shook
Jada told me that I had to hide my money in a book
So I started stacking paper making moolah on them books
LLCs trying to invest in me
Uh Uh
I'm with the greatest call me Scott Pippin
It's just me against the world call me Scott Pilgrim
Young Luc familiar with drug paraphilia
I'm smacked off tequila
Hen Rock with my niggas
Hold up though
I ain't even legal yet
My budda got the healing powers of a Percocet
Careful how you play your cards I'ma murk your deck

Life as a shawty was rough
That's word to Deck
Niggas sending me death threats
Ain't seen them yet
I'm busy searching for the shawty that could twerk it best
On the island find me wilding
We got killers in the street
This the city where nobody ever trying to be unique
But but I hit the L and started levitating
In the sky so fly grounded niggas hating

[Hook: Young Lucid] x2

It's the island in the sky
Where the rules don't apply
And you know we had to do it to em'