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Young Lucid Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz]

Born alone die alone
I feel I'm alone and sad
Even on the block I grind alone
We out there like ten deep
Just trying to make ends meet
But you gotta listen close to how men speak
You might hear something like
Son got the binge he probably spent his whole stash
That's when you know that your friends weak
Watching other niggas money slowing up his
Is he gon' say that if you come up?
Yup sure nuff' is
It's all good when you're right there with him
But once you threaten the advance
That's when they like he right there get em'
It's all in your handshake
You say that you love me but for another man's cake?
You'll probably snub me
You tell the feens that my work is trash
Cause the beginning of the month's like my jump shot
The first is cash
But I don't care about your worthless ass
You could have this block
This is just get by money
Till' this rap shit pop

[Hook: Christina Mai]

I don't wanna be a runaway
But I can't stay and I can't live this way
Let's be another broken dream
And believe all the bullshit that we preach
I can name more than a thousand reasons
Not to stay but I'll never find the words to say
To get myself to leave

[Verse 2: Young Lucid]

I set the town on fire when I was set free
Bitch I ain't no artist I ain't no emcee
They tried to label me and put me in a box
Can't nobody catch you slipping when you working round' the clock
The Brewery is the ether spot
I don't need to keep a Glock
I got a hundred goonies with me kicking it like sneaker spots
I kill them verses for my mama like I'm Norman Bates
I'm sick of seeing mama crying at these fucking wakes
Uncle cancerous his son now gets the worst of this
Inheriting supporting a whole family at 26
That shit make niggas rob and kill concealing 38's
I mack 11 count a blessing for the meals I ate
Ya dig?
I never dreamed I'd get a deal
I never thought I'd hit the stage and make them bitches squeal
I never ever thought I'd prove them sucka niggas wrong
But my flow been on that bench press
I been spitting strong like


[Verse 3: Young Lucid]

Sinister Staten Manhattan baby it's all the same
They're throwing dirt on my name mane
You niggas lame
15 years man
I'm sick of this block
Sick of dubs
Sick of dealers
Sick of dickheaded cops but fuck it
I'm busting outta here like Harriet and all her homies
No slave working out here fam
That shit ain't for me
Time ticking toward my vision of a better day
I know who love me who believe in me and who will stay