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Young Lucid Lyrics
"Lucid Dreams"

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[Intro: Young Lucid]

Lucid dreaming I'm feening to make it out this bitch
Eyes closed with visions of dropping summer hits
Thoughts deep but my heart still shallow
I got my pen and my pad just to fight my sorrows

[Hook: Young Lucid] x2

Now when I close my eyes I see beautiful things

It took me all this time but I'm living my dreams
And every morning on the wake up
Budda getting baked up
Do this for them sucker niggas
Wishing they could break us

[Verse 1: Young Lucid]

Y2K that's the year that I landed
My pops hail from the Nile
Mom dukes full Spanish
And they created this mix
This mix be off of the shits
Like you're playing with the Knicks
You got no chance at the ship
Addiction crippling my living these junkies everywhere
And when I called to the heavens no one was ever there

And shit ain't sweet so I blow sour to the atmosphere
School had me tripping reminiscing ain't a thing to wear
Like shooting hands with some shooters who said that shit was fair?
Baby dream to believe you'll make it anywhere
Read a book to achieve and keep the brain appeased
They'll write about a motherfucker like he's Sophocles

[Hook] x2

[Bridge: Young Lucid] x2

Don't yield to the nightmare
Face your demons
They don't fight fair