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Young Lucid Lyrics

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[Hook: Lite Fortunato]

I seen fifty turn to a dollar
A dollar turn to another one
Your BM is my old bitch
I got new hoes and another gun
Sometimes you got to duck and run
Cause the police trying to punish us
Hit the cartel for another one
They hopped his ass no one on ones

[Verse 1: Young Lucid]

If I said it I meant it
Don't make me aim where your head is
I been kicking with Benjie
I do this all for a dollar
These niggas dressing designers
And can't pronounce what they're wearing
L-U-C has been the man
My nigga fuck what you hearing
If I said I meant it
I don't do nothing for credit
Ain't your pal if you don't pay me
Hit my wire or debit
I'm with the NATO we wilding
We on some dead nigga shit
All I do is burn it down
While I write down all my hits


[Verse 2: Lite Fortunato]

Selling them Nissans
I got three charms on one arm
Four bands like rock stars
I'm a flashy nigga like cop cars
I got six O's with me
I got six hoes with me
But still got four back up hoes
Cause I'm the NATO dawty
I just spent the advance on my wrist
Look at your bitch
And your bitch on my dick
Flick of the wrist like I'm flicking the brick
Look at your bitch when she see me she pissed
I will not fall but I'll still make a fist

VIP passes no time for a list
She is too thotty for her to get kissed
Hit him with four and the fifth one it missed

[Verse 3: Young Lucid]

I'm some young trippy nigga
Coming straight out the city
Word to God I'm a monster
My style New York and Gritty
If you could take it from my hands
Word to God you could keep it
I've been putting on for years
Boy that shit ain't a secret
And if you're coming with that fuck shit
Get the fuck out the studio
One minute niggas jacking
And the next one they suing you
I don't fuck with these niggas
I don't fuck with these hoes
Try to stay out of trouble
But all my niggas go loco
Always blowing on chocko
I roll Staten to Manhattan
If he lacking on Xanny's
I like him up with the zeeks
I'm with ten thousand bitches
And every one of them freaks
Got the juice all the juice
It's your nigga Young Luc