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YahZarah Lyrics

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natural, natural, natural
[spoken:] I love this man,
he always makes everything true, so natural
I love you natural, I said au natural
au natural [natural]
it's a phenomenom
how we made it here thus far
and I just can't believe that you could love like this
heaven in your cellophane eyes
and like the alberine shines bright
with you, I spend all my nights
days seems endless

and I've got so much to give
'cuz you're so natural
I wanna know, baby, are you goin' my way?
and you're so cosmic beautiful, baby
I wanna know, brotha, are you goin' my way?
why'd you have to go, go and mess up, bringing up
I have so many plans
I was goin' to be the 2Gs all-star whim
but you blew all my plans away
now loving you feels so natural
can't believe you took control
with everything on my mind
and may be improbable to love you
every day is raindrops on my face
every night is a trip to space
and I can't believe I'm here with you

no, I can't believe
that you chose me and I chose you
in two's company and our hearts set it to be
for you to shine on me and me to smile at you
oh, what company we two
I wanna know, I wanna know
natural, I need to know, baby
I wanna know, brotha, are you goin' my way?
natural, natural
cosmic beautiful, that's what you are
baby, yeah, oh baby, oh baby, I need to know
are you goin' my way?
are you goin', are you goin'?
are you go, go, going my way?
This song is from the album "The Prelude" and "Hear Me".