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"Love Is You"

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(Bob Baldwin,'Chip Shearin, YahZarah)
oh na na na na na na na na heyyyy, ohh
I knew it could be love
from the very first time I saw you, ooh yeah
angel sent from above
and I ain't never been in love, oh no
love is you and how I know that it can be true
[that it can be true, yeah]
and love is me
love is we and it's so sweet [so sweet, yeah]
tell me it's not a dream
loving like this is supreme, ohh
ohhh, ohhh, love is, love is so wonderful
loving you is good and now I know
all that it can be true
loving that can be true, yea-eah-eah
love me, touch me
I never knew it could be true
love is me and it's we
so glad that I found you
love is supreme, so glad to know you
oooooooh, so proud of you
wish all that it could work, ohh, yeah
honesty, love, you and me could be heavenly
ooo-ooooo-ooo-oooh, heavenly
love is you, love is me
love is, ooo-ooo-ooooh, we
love is you and me [love is you-ou]
I only wanna know that you
you try to handle me gently
that you never flip on me,
never trip on me, won't try to change on me
'cause love right now is so real
and I don't wanna disappointed
ohhhh, I'm loving you is so wonderful
and I thought I never know
love like this, ooh, and no words that can say
like words are like mystic
and words are like fabulous
wonderful adjectives to describe me and you
fabulous, wonderful, exciting, inviting
beautiful, mystical, magical, wonderful
love like this is too beautiful to me
(too beautiful)