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YahZarah Lyrics
"I Came, I Saw"

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Da, da-a, da da de-da-de-da-ee-da
Da da da da da
Do-do-do-do-da-da da da da
Do-do-do-do-da da-a, da- da-de-da-de-da
Da da da da da da
Do-do-do-do-da da da da da

Thought I knew you that I'm through with you
What a fool (what a fool)
Who let you get down in deep and make me lose my cool
Now I'm back on track and you won't see my cryin'
Checkin' for my pulse while I was down before I was dyin'
Well, Mama said to keep rising to the top
I ain't get robbed, but I never stopped
See, I'm a wiser, growing wiser, next time I'll reach the top
So if you've been told that you can't do
This includes this song's for you
Baby, step on in and turn the radio up
That I'll tell you how I'm hustled on

I came, I saw
I conquered through it all
Let the rain come down on me
Wash me over, just wash me over
I came

Some folks were born rich and some folks poor just like me
Work hard all day just to make a dollar
Ooh, between life is free
Some ride all day just to make a dolar
Some shake for the dollars all night long
Ain't no choice but to work it out
Pay the bills and trying to stay strong
But we do what we gotta
'Cause we know and we oughta
And everything is gonna be alright, it's gonna be alright
Yeah, yeahhh, ohhh


I came, I saw
I conquered through it all
Let the rain come down on me
Wash me over, just wash me over (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

As long as there is time (long as there is time)
You know it's gonna be somebody who wants to steal your future
But don't let them steal your star (let them steal your star)
You see you've come so far (see you've come so far)
Hey, when you reach the top, tell them that you came, yeah
You saw and you conquered through it all
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Let the rain come down on me, yeahhh
Wash me over, just wash me over

I came.. I came.. I came...