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Willie Nelson Lyrics
"I Love You a Thousand Ways"

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I love you I'll prove it in days to come
I swear it's true darling you're the only one
I've been so blue and lonesome since you've gone
I love you I'll prove it a thousand ways
I'll be nice and sweet to you
And no more will you be blue
I'll prove I love you every day all kinds of ways
So darling please wait, please wait until I'm free
There'll be a change a great change made in me
I love you and there'll never be blue days
I love you and I'll prove it a thousand ways

[ piano ]

I'll be nice and sweet to you...
This song is from the album "To Lefty from Willie", "Essential 3.0 Willie Nelson", "To Lefty From Willie/always On My Mind/red Headed Stranger", "Original Album Classics" and "Coll 2: Always On Mind / To Lefty / Pancho & Lefty".