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Will Hoge Lyrics
"Rock And Roll Star"

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Hail Hail rock and roll
come here son and let me help you sell your soul
sit right down and everything will be just fine
won't you sign right here and it will all work out in time

so sit right down and i'll tell you about the plan
i'm going to make you 50.000 dollars and i'll only take 10... million
but did i mention i got a new mercedes benz
smile pretty, be witty come meet your brand new friends

everybody thinks that you'll go far
you're gonna be a rock and roll star

now you got a banker and lawyer down on 16th avenue
that's the funny things they call you
if you spend a couple extra years in school
and they got big black cars and dollar signs in their eyes, too
what is a boy like me to do
i got this guitar that I play a little out of tune
but it don't make no difference if i get all the right tatoos
hey, get a look at these cheekbones
who cares if mick jagger was ever even in the rolling stones
besides, he didn't even get very far
but me- i'm gonna be a rock and roll star
yes i am

so now we're living happy underneath the sony tree
and i've got my big top 10 record on W-K-T
something or other
bartender could I have another
and another
and another
oh, You're lucky we're even sitting in this bar
Cause I'm gonna be a rock and roll star
Yes I am
Yes I am
Gonna be a rock and roll star
This song is from the album "Carousel".