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Will Cookson Lyrics
"Worthing Beach"

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I hear the seagulls crying in my dreams
Over ice cream cones dropped in the sand
And all the castles that we made for the tide to wash away
Have gone the same way as the boy now he's a man

Down by the sea all those clouded memories
Of caramacs and penny arcades on the pier
And the liners in the mist and a longing that persists
Like an echo in my mind over the years

And I'm trapped in a dream like a ghost beside the sea
Forever wandering the surf in search of home
And then I'm back at the start where we played murder in the dark
And built a treehouse in the garden in the snow

Oh rocking horse in the spare room in the dark
That little girl that used to love you now has gone
Over hills you would glide and through haunted forests fly
As you outran the past but now your future's done

And on Worthing Beach there's a tide that's out of reach
Whispers still of dreams forgotten long ago
Oh let the sirens sing of ferris wheels and all the things
We used to love as kids but then had to let go

And on that wheel we will spin back to where it all begins
And the sand castles return into the sea
And the names that we drew into the sand will be lost too
Within the oceans of our minds just like a dream
This song is from the album "Ghosts Of The Morning Sun".