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Will Cookson Lyrics
"What A Lovely Day"

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I'll have a dream where I'm sailing on a white ship in the sky
And I'm not back at school or drowning or being chased by anyone

And we'll lie in bed and let the light beams kiss our weary eyes
And watch as the tiny particles of dust dance in the sun

And on the radio they'll play a song we've not heard in years
And it'll be almost as if we could inhabit the thoughts of our former selves

And I'll read some poetry from a leather-bound anthology
That I borrowed indefinitely from my grandmother's old wooden shelves

Hmm what a lovely day
Hmm why don't you stay
Hmm please won't you stay

We'll take a stroll through town and kick the leaves that line the streets
And maybe have a coffee in a quirky independent café

And you'll read the papers and I'll write a novel on my MacBook Air
About the adventures of a young man living in the USA

And though there's a famine in Darfur and a civil war in Chad
The music in the background'll let us know it's really all okay

And we'll order cake because it's Saturday and we deserve a treat
And what's the point of living if you can't have cake on a Saturday

Hmm what a lovely day
Hmm why don't you stay
Hmm please won't you stay
This song is from the album "Ghosts Of The Morning Sun".