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Will Cookson Lyrics
"Bedtime Charm"

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Got the mobile spinning from the ceiling
And the moon's making patterns on the wall
Reflected from the spires and the midnight briers
Where the owls start the call

Goodnight to the shadows climbing up the door
Goodnight to the scary clothes heap
You kiss goodnight the ghosts underneath the bed
Before you fall asleep

And your mind's spinning through all the day's scenes
As your heart beats loud in your ear
Apparently surprised now you've closed your eyes
To find your troubles are still here

And you're trying hard to distract yourself
But now you've run out of sheep
And then you get the whole world inside your brain
Just because you can't sleep

Bring out a drum for the hiding sun
Pull out the heart from your ear
Just a little reminder that you're still alive
Before your wits disappear

Leave the moon to the ghouls and the midnight pools
And the vampires too tired to sleep
And don't let the world occupy your brain
Just because there are no more sheep

And hug all the monsters underneath your bed
Before you go to sleep
This song is from the album "Songs For A Sunday".