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Watsky Lyrics
"Chemical Angel"

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I got a year's supply of capsules
I got a bottle full of friends
(full of friends, full of friends, full of friends)
They're always right around (around)
To come show me the town (the town)
Delivered through a filtered lens
My doctor says I'm being reckless (reckless)
That quitting's risky for my health (and I'll fuck up my life real bad)
But if I had choose (to choose)
I know I'd rather lose my life
Than have to lose myself

Chemical angel
Comfort I crave
Comfort I crave
Comfort I crave
Don't come around no more
I'm already saved
I'm already saved
I'm already saved

I'd like us to spend some alone time (just you and me)
But if I slide into a zone
(down and then down, down and then down and then down and then down)
Don't take it personal (please don't)
You gotta understand
My brain has got a mind of its own
I don't know if I'm close to drowning
(deeper than anyone on the planet has ever been under the sea)
Or if I'm finally free
(gotta get up and fly, get up so high
I'ma get up higher than a speeding bullet up in the sky)
I touch my artery (and watch)
And watch my fingertips bob up and down like buoys at sea
This song is from the album "x Infinity".