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Warrior King Lyrics
"Virtuous Woman"

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Shooba-shoob-i, shooba-shooba-day [Repeat: x 4]

Now a real man cyann live without a woman
Like night to day is a woman to her man
She's essential to his purpoe and his mission
A good woman is a glory to her man
She never take the power, she'll just make him a better man
Every great man has a virtuous woman.

Woman you say you love me and never leave me lonely
You'll always be there for me, so need not worry
Woman to keep I strong, it is part of Jah plan
I'll leave my mom and dad, find a woman and be one

With a woman I make my bond, perfect combination
I am a black man so I love my black woman
Woman give me the sweet sweet love to hold anytime of day
Lots of hugs and kisses, I & I ah burn out the gay


Woman I love and honor, the [unknown] of the light carrier
The empress omega, the mother of Rastafari's culture
Revises to the King and his empress Menin(?)
Who showed us the right and the true way of living

Woman could never cause sin, so listen as I sing
Mother woman of the earth, them ah joy bell ring ring ring
Equality in a Zion, by nature's law that's where he should go
For every man I know there is a woman, you meet the (?) that is all I know.

Shooba-shoob-I, shooba-shooba-day...

[Repeat from top]