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Walter Egan Lyrics
"Stop Don't Stop"

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by Walter Egan

Baby give your man a break, don't you make him wait,
When he's at your door, you've got to treat your baby kind,
Then you're gonna find he'll be back for more,
Now that we have got it goin',
Don't you leave me on my own.

Stop, Don't Stop show me what you've really got,
Stop, Don't Stop strike it while the iron's hot.

It's not supposed to be this what I mean to say, do you think it's fair,
To be on such a night alone, when I could be showin' you how much I care,
Don't give up or you'll regret the good lovin' we ain't had yet, so

Stop, Don't Stop show me what you've really got,
Stop, Don't Stop turn it loose and let it rock.

Once you thought that boys could only be dull or stupid,
But tonight I'll show you I can make love like cupid.

Baby try to understand I am just a man, just another guy,
And I don't mean to make you mad never make you sad only satisfied.
Don't give up or you'll regret, the good lovin' you ain't had yet...
This song is from the album "Mad Dog: The Lost Album".