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Vic Chesnutt Lyrics
"Steve Willoughby"

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Someday I'm gonna be rich
Someday I'm gonna be bona fide
Someday I'm gonna be
Just like Steve Willoughby
But today I'm simply I'm simply terrified
I'm terrified

Someday I'm gonna be bright
Someday I'm gonna be smarter smarter than smart
Someday I'll know something
Just like Larry King
But today I simply I don't know where to start

I don't know where to start

Someday I'm gonna be hot
Someday I'm gonna be bigger bigger than big
Someday I'll be adored
Just like Wally George
But today I simply I ain't worth a fig
I ain't worth a fig

Someday I'm gonna be good
Someday I'm gonna be virtuous
Someday I'll be a paragon
Like Louis Farrakahan
But today I simply I'm a mess
I'm in a mess

Someday I'm gonna be cool
Someday I'm gonna kick major major butt
Someday I will transcend
Just like Jane's Addiction
But today I simply I am in a rut
I'm in a rut

Someday I'll get a career
Someday I'm gonna stop wasting all my time
Some day I'll gain a skill
Just like Deborah Norville
But today I simply I ain't worth a dime I ain't worth a dime
This song is from the album "West Of Rome".