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Vanessa Amorosi Lyrics
"You Were Led On"

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Face the fact...cant u tell she dont feel the same
And i know ur just a fool that hopes to find
That she loves you like you love her...in ur dreams
To stay 2gether and feel the same
Thats how you want it 2 be

Now that the feelings gone from her face
Hang ur head and walk away
'Cause there aint no love & there never was
Theres nothing she felt, you read her wrong
Oh, you were led on

When u c her, ur so out there 2 try
You beg on ur knees, dont u have any pride
Theres many other girls
That would love you for who u r
You waste ur time on someone
That dont want ur love

She said...dont continue to follow
Walk the opposite way
Find someone that will love you the same
Havent u got any other things to do instead of trying
Pull urself together baby, stop wasting ur time
This song is from the album "The Power" and "The Power (Europe)".