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U-Roy feat. The Paragons [US] Lyrics
"Wear You To The Ball"

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I'm gonna wear you to the ball tonight
Put on your best dress tonight

Did you hear what the man said baby
Said be your best 'cause this
Gonna be your musical test
So come to school,
And I take up the musical rule
Give me soul brothers, and Give me soul sisters
Come to I and maybe you can make it if you try
So be wise and be deadly, put on your best

Because I got your musical key
Rub it baby, I said scrub it, Yeah!
Cause I'm tougher than tough
And that ain't no bluff
Maybe it's because I've got the musical (best) stuff

I'm gonna make you the talk of the town
No use wearing a frown
Though, those other guys may put you down
I'm gonna let you wear my crown
Though, those other guys may put you down
You'll wear my crown

Chick-a-bow, chick-a-bow, Chick-a-bow wow wow
Give me soul brothers and give me soul sisters
Don't beg for no mercy

Move it up, and break it up!
I tell you 'bout it, it's good
Wow! She's got it,
She's got it (x2)

(Verse 3)
And we are going to have a musical ball
So get on the ball and don't stall,
I beg you baby
Wow! Tell you about it, it's good

[Repeat Intro]

That's for sure
Play brand new musical discs from
The flick of my wrist, baby
Wow! Tell you about it, she's got it
She's got it, she's got it, she's got it
Wow! Chick-a-bow
Chick-a-bow (x2)
Chick-a-bow wow wow
This song is from the album "Version Galore", "Version Galore", "This Is Crucial Reggae", "Trenchtown Rock", "Rasta Ambassador", "Natty Rebel", "Rightfull Ruler", "Original Dj", "Babylon Burning: The Mighty Songs Of U-Roy" and "Version Of Wisdom".