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Trick Pony Lyrics
"Party Of One"

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Hey Babe
Remember all of those nights when you told me you had to work late?
Think back to the times you stood me up and the countless broken dates
I got tired of the aggravation so I made a reservation
A special evening I planned just for you

Party of one at a table for two
waitin' on me like I waited on you
I can just see you now
I can picture your face
Checkin' your watch
Fellin' so out of place
Now you're gonna find out how it feels
to be lonesome and blue
Bein' a party of one at a table for two

Hey babe
By now you must be wonderin' what the heck is takin' so long
You think I'm probablystuck in traffic
But boy you couldn't be more wrong
I call and tell you that I'll be later
I left a message with your waiter
Says I hope you enjoy your night alone, bein'......


Tonight maybe messin' with your mind
Might teach you a lesson this time
Surely you're smart enough to know
That you always reap what you sow

This song is from the album "Trick Pony" and "Best Of Trick Pony".