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Tracy Byrd Lyrics
"How Much Does the World Weigh"

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(Michael White - Lee T. Miller)

I sat up thinkin' late last night
Do they have a way to count the stars?
There's a lot of scientific minds that claim
To know what all the answers are.

Well, if that's the case
How much does the world weigh
Somebody's probably worked it out
You can look up what the experts say,

But all you gotta do is look around
You'd be surprised who knows
Ask that woman tryin' to make the rent
Pay the bills and feed the kids.

Six months ago their daddy walked away
Ask that man whose family stayed around
He finally put that bottle down
Now he has to fight that battle every day.
Hey, how much does the world weigh?

Human spirit is a funny thing
Gow far it bends before it breaks
And to keep the world from caving in
How much strength does it take?

Well, don't ask me
Ask that couple in the waitin' room
The doctors say it's still too soon
It's their little girl all they can do is pray.

Ask that little boy who's gotta choose
mom or dad either way he'll lose
They're breakin' up, and he thinks he's to blame
Hey, how much does the world weigh?

--- Instrumental ---

Ask that man hanging on the cross
His last breath will save the lost
The answer's in the tears on his face
Hey, how much does the world weigh?

How much does the world weigh?
How much does the world weigh?...
This song is from the album "Ten Rounds".