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Too $hort Lyrics
"Never Talk Down"

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(rappin' 4-tay)
You see you never talk down on a player
I spray a to break to your knees
You best to say a prayer
Cause funk been a part of my life ever since the starting gate
Remember me and my nigga $hort dog way back in '88
Broke them bitches down with some sexual healing
And man the town ain't been the same and dont fight the feeling
But now you new boy
Started off in this game on a accident
Copied another nigga's style
Punk don't let this rap shit get you broke off
Cause see it's potent like that ain't right
Find a maiden name for yourself but don't believe the hype
Fool who you think i was the dope of your producer
If it wasn't for them dogs and them hogs you wouldn't have a future
Now let me add that i could never be scarier
Rappin' fo' wanna raise off in that bay area
Stickin' to dat ass like a hot bowl of grits
Hits on top of hits who you think started this shit

Never talk down on a playa
Unless you ready to be straight layed where there's a hater
Save a bitch in a minute for a nut
Its the funk when this dog got you fiendin' on this funk, nigga (x2)

(short dog)
It's going down right now
California mackin at its best
Somethin' for my niggas on the grind from the west
Cali is my home but its just like yours
Niggas love to get money while dey fuck dey whores
Hit all the parties and do the same old shit
Bitches gettin' broke cuz the game don't quit
I had a flash back it was the oakland raiders at the colliseum we ain't
Nuttin' but playas
Diamonds glistenin' hoes whistlin'
Bitches know my name cuz its a natural thing
I had to bend da corna
Really didnt bone her
Punk yooz a gona-aca
This song is from the album "Gettin' It (Album Number Ten)".