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Toni Estes Lyrics
"I Adore"

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Hey what's up, oh, oh
Baby you know what
I don't know if I ever told you this before, oh
I just want you to know that

I'm in love with you
Just say you love me too
Sitting here thinking bout you
And every little thing you do to me
Can you get my mind off you?
And every other thing you do for me
I'm so excited babe

Can't deny that this love is on fire babe
Finally I can say that I found a man I love
And you're the only man I want

I adore
Everything I do
Everything you do
Loving you is cool, I'm telling you
I'm yours my baby
Every day and every single way I'm not playing
There's nothing left to say but I

Love you, love you, love you, love you
Love you, love you, love you, love you
And I won't trade nothing for you
I adore my baby

I'm with you
Won't ever go away
Forever be your baby, babe

The funny thing about us boy
I never thought that we would go this far
You've shown me things I've never seen
Boy you know the way straight to my heart (yeah)
I don't care what people saying
You're my man and it's always gonna be this way
That's the plan
So I never turn my back on you
Do you hear what I'm telling you?



I adore everything you do
I want nothing more than to be with you
I really love you
And I adore