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The W's Lyrics

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Came from Arizona with a twin finned board,
thought he could ride the waves.
Five hundred bucks from a surfing contest,
he headed off to the North Shore.
Messed with the Hui and they took his stuff the waves
weren't going his way. Met a guy named turtle and he
took him in boy that's when he had it made.

Don't mess with the Hui, they're not the types you
want to mess with. Don't mess with the Hui,
or else you're gonna get your butts kicked.

Met a local girl boy she was fine,
you rode across the beach.
You're just a barney surfer from across the way,
to howlies she's out of reach.
Met a soul surfer who shaped long boards,
taught you how to ride the waves.
You're just a little kook but you picked it up fast
and now you're more than okay.

Entered into a surfing tournament to see just how good
you could be. Made it to the finals and were doing
good when a bad man pulled your leash.
You didn't narc and it was for the best for Vince gave
you the sign. Left the North Shore with your new long
board and would be back to surf one day.

You messed with the Hui, and everythings a-okay.
You messed with the Hui and would be back to surf one
day...and would be back to surf one day.