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The String Cheese Incident Lyrics
"Close Your Eyes"

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Spent his whole life to get where he is
Nothing going to bring him down
His father was a man who worked so hard
Never could be around
Mama always wanted the best for him
Mama said make me proud
Too much, too fast, too little, too late
It all goes round can't get away

Close your eyes and look inside
And see what you can find
Open your mind and take the time and learn from soul

Loves the kids, loves the wife
And wonders if there's more
Looks around and sees his friends
All been done before
Goes to church on the holidays
Looking for something to light his way
Living for then and not for now
He wants to be free but he doesn't know how

Chorus x2

Open wide

From Deep Inside

Open wide
He lost his way he's off the path
Got to keep moving can't go back
Where he is and where he was
Will never be the same
The freedom that he searches for
Has no key, it's an open door
The love he needs and hopes to find
Has been with him all the time

Chorus x 2

Open Wide

From Deep Inside

Open Wide

All he knows is what he sees
So much more behind the scenes

Open wide
This song is from the album "October 4 2003 Philadelphia Pa: On The Road", "October 4 2003 Philadelphia Pa: On The Road", "October 16 2002 Vancouver Canada", "July 12 2002 East", "September 21 2002 Salt Lake City Ut: On The Road", "On The Road: 10-26-02 Berkeley, Ca" and "July 5 2002 Morrison Co: On The Road".