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The Stone Coyotes Lyrics
"Bone Tired"

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Bone tired, world-weary
Someday I'll lay my burden down
Then I'll walk where angels talk
And stand on sacred ground
All my life
I've been waiting to see
Bone tired, world-weary
Got my eyes on Eternity

I met a man, he was walking
Down this long and lonesome road
He said, "I have a heavy pack upon my back
And no way to lighten the load

I don't know where I'm going
But I sure know where I've been
I work all day and half the night
Get up and do it all again"

I saw a woman with her head bowed down
She had fallen to her knees
All alone in a church of stone
Begging, "Lord, please

Have mercy, give me
The strength to carry on
'Cause sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel
Like I'm already dead and gone"