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The Soft Boys Lyrics
"Wang Dang Pig"

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I'm a wang dang hog I wanna
Ooze myself all over you
I'm a wang dang pig and I wanna
Strip my truffle over you

Come here baby I'll
Show you what a wang dang pig can do

I'm not like other pigs
I'm big and dangerous as well
And I'm not like other swine
As anybody else can tell

I live on sulfuric acid and
I drink chloroform as well


Well I got lightning 'round my body
I got lotsa muck inside my sty
Well I got lightning 'round my body
Dirty magazines inside my sty

Ain't one of them young farmers
Ever gonna look me in the eye

I'm a wang dang pig and I well uh
Got your best interest in my heart
I'm a wang dang pig I got your
Interest best in my heart

Wanna make you mine baby
So we never ever part