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The Fall Lyrics
"The Aphid"

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And who can ever forget this one?

Six times parking
Six, four
Form bar and six
Form a box line

The aphid
The aphid

Bend down
Scratch around the carpet for insect
Get hook clamp, stand up
Gel frame, put insect in a jar

The aphid

Walk back two, three and four
Stop for a rest
Go back to scratch

The aphid

Hook clamp
Go back down
Scratch around the floor
Take hook clamp and put in jar

The aphid

Cover up with gel frame
Take two times four O O O one
UV gun back, go back to the floor
Scratch around, five, six supplied

The aphid

Bend right back
Form a box line, sidecar

The aphid

Twenty times steps back
Frizzo, get hook clamp
Turn to barn door
Retrieve kill frame

(Absolutely wonderful)
Take six bottles of the six back, stand up straight
Then bend down and scratch the carpet for insects
And if you find any, put the insects into the jar
Then check the clamp on the jar and take six steps back
Ensure the hook clamp is on the jar and that's the aphid
This song is from the album "Cerebral Caustic" and "Permanent Years".