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The Babys Lyrics
"Read My Stars"

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Say you love me, I know you do
Go anywhere I want you to
Yeah, but I love ya
So now, I read my stars

Gettin' worried, I face the floor
Hearin' noises outside my door
Think it's friends, can't be sure
So now, I read my stars

And now I turn the cards
Is it love? Ohh, I don't know

Is it real? I can't tell
Why the smile? Well, I'm happy

Do you know her that well, is it strange?
Well, I don't know, seein' stars all around, yeah
It's a spell, yeah, I think so
Seein' rainbows, well

Crystal gaze and visions fade
Make the card the ace of spades
Can't walk the streets, I don't feel safe
So now, I read my stars

Say you love me, I know you do
Do anythin' I want you to
Ohh, the things you put me through
So now, I read my stars

But where to turn the cards
This song is from the album "Very Best Babys Album Ever" and "Babys / Broken Heart".