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The Allman Brothers Band Lyrics
"Firing Line"

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Known you since you've been born
Raisin' hell even as a child
Nothing's changed since that day
You're still out running wild
Hellhound on your trail
Gettin' closer with every passing mile

Hey now baby,
Don't you think it's high time
To change your life's direction
Get off the firing line

Well your luck just ain't been running
Lord, very smooth these days
I think it's finally come down
You're gonna have to mend your ways
With your head up in the clouds
Cannot see through the haze


Step outside, take a look aroud
Do you see anyone who cares?
Spent your whole life steppin' on your friends
Still you ain't nowhere

Search for a new direction
But the past is all you'll find
You can count up all your mistakes
Blame it on your criminal mind
When you lay down with snakes
You come up poisoned every time

Get off the firing line
Get off the firing line
This song is from the album "Hittin' The Note".