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Tasha Cobbs Lyrics
"Jesus Did It"

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Miracles are about to break off in your life
I need you to tap three people
And tell them for the next seven years
I'm experiencing nothing but endless miracles, breakthroughs, signs, and wonders
But guess what's going to happen
A bunch of haters are going to start coming to you
Trying to make you discount what God has done in your life
So I heard the Spirit of the Lord say let this be your testimony
Jesus did it x2
Healed my body
Changed my life
Yes he did

I need somebody to go crazy in the room x2
Some of yall going to go back to the doctor and
They're not going to be able to find what it is they found before
You outta walk right up in the room with a doctor report and say
Jesus Did it x4
Yes he did
Is it alright if we praise him right now
I mean I don't know about you but I'm no waiting on nothing else
If that's your word you better receive it right now
Some of us have been receiving denial after denial
Is it alright if I prophesy right here
Some of us have been receiving denial after denial after denial
No after no after no
But I declare that God is about to give you a yes
And with that yes your only testimony needs to be that
Jesus did it x4
Yes he did
Somebody shout in this room
Somebody shout
Shout x2
This song is from the album "One Place Live".