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Tank Lyrics
"Lady On My Block"

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There's a little lady on my block
Guess she's about 35
Has about 7 kids ain't never been married
Hasn't done anything with her life
Everytime I walk by she asks me
If I can spare some change
So she can run to the neighborhood Butch' and grab a little some'
To help her make it through the day
She looks like back in her day, she was oh so very pretty
Probably the talk of the shool, her man played ball
She was probably even prom queen, if u know what i mean
How did she go from havin' everything, to havin' nothing at all
Too many kids and strung out on drugs
She don't have nobody she can call

Chorus: There's a little lady on my block (x5)

There's a little lady on my block
She doesn't even have a job
But i guess if u call sellin' yourself earnin' a living
She's making it pretty far
Her pimp don't care if she has kids
And most of the time she don't eat
She's spendin' her rent triyn to get bent...(sound of car passing by)
Shit little lady keep this baby out the street,ohhh
She's so tired of livin this way
So one day she has a plan (yall don't hear me)
Got her hands on a gun, I don't know how
And decided to take a stand, ohhh
She goes two weeks without payin' her pimp
So he comes over and breaks her down (Oh Break her down)
I hear two shots...and a baby scream
He never made it out

Repeat chorus 'till fade
This song is from the album "Force Of Nature".