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Tanita Tikaram Lyrics
"This Stranger"

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I'm gonna build a strange
City overcome
Mad as any
And anyone
Who wants to wish upon me
I will take a city
And it will take the rain
Anybody who sees this face
Will have to blink at this

Strange heart
This stranger

Everbody's angel and
Everbody's friend
Everybody who came around
Will come around again

I will stake this city
And it will take the soil
And anybody who sings me
Will know the trouble's been a
Strange heart
This stranger

Where's yours sincerely?
Where you say you'll be
I sit wrapped in this restless night
Yes - it still comes back to me
Everybody's favoured
And everybody's day
'Cos everytime I see your face
I can see your
Strange heart
This stranger
This song is from the album "Everybody's Angel".