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Steps Lyrics
"Never Get Over You"

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Boy, should've have known it from the start
You'd go and break my heart
But I was hoping praying
You, you always thought you were right
But you couldn't see the light
The truth was shining
For all the world to see
You made a fool of me (out of me)
Why did you have to leave oowhoo

It started again

That feeling inside me is burning
When you're not around me I'm hurting
And I'll never ever
Start it again
This time I'm learning my lesson
Just when I thought I'd found heaven
Now I know I'll never get over you

I guess I knew it all long
Hoping that I was wrong
I should've been strong moved on
Into a world a world without you
You split my heart in two
You will be sorry
You've blown it all away
You made a fool of me (out of me)
Why did you have to leave


You took my soul (you took my soul)
You left me cold (ever so cold)
But now I know someday
I will get over you

This song is from the album "Buzz".