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Sonny Boy Williamson feat. Sonny Boy Williamson II Lyrics
"Check Up on My Baby Blues"

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Check Up On My Baby Track 22 2:43
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(Sonny Boy Williamson I)
Sonny Boy Williamson - vcl and hca
With Blind John Davis - piano, Ted Summitt - gtr
Armand 'Jump' Jackson - drums
Recording: Chicago, Dec 14, 1944
Album: Vol. 4 Document Records DOCD5058
Transcriber: Awcantor@aol.com

I've got to check up on my baby, yeah
I've got to see how my baby been gettin along
But I've got to go an check up on my baby
I've got to see how my baby been gettin 'long
Now an I'm goin an fightin' now for our country
We gotta keep Mussolini from treatin' my baby wrong

'Mussolini got scared an cut out, didn't he?'

Now, don't ya know what Hitler told President Roosevelt?
Said we made the bad design plan, worry on
Oh President Roosevelt, I think they're tellin' a lie
Brother, so we gotta have a plan that's built up like a squirrel
An I'll send my boys to check up on their baby, yeah

A-my boys must see how there baby doin', gettin' along
He said, 'You help me win this war
Gotta keep Hitler from treatin' yo' baby wrong

Now don't you know my baby, she can't even write
No, my baby can't even a-send no telegram
I've got to check up on my baby
I know my baby wanna, a-know just where I am

Now I've got to go check up on my baby, now
I've got to see how my baby been gettin' along
Well now, we've just got to win this war
I swear because they don't mean my baby, no harm

(instrumental - all)

'Oh yeah!'

Well now, an I've got som'thin to tell you, baby
That I know that you really, really can't do
I know you can't love me
An you wanna a-love some other man, too

But I've got to go an check up on you, baby
I've got to see baby, how you been gettin 'long
Well now, an if you help me, baby
I swear I will never do you no harm.