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Shawn Mullins Lyrics
"Yellow Dog Song"

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There's a young man
drivin' and old man's car
down the Pennsylvania Turnpike
where the treetops meet the stars

there's a wild wind
blowin' down the lost highway
and he don't know where he's goin'
it don't matter anyway

and the dreams pass through his mind
like the years he'll never find

there's an old man
night shift at the Stop'N'Go
he reads his dirty magazines
and mops the bathroom floor

he's had a hard life
he lost a digit in the war
he keeps one hand on the shotgun
and both feet on the floor

and the old dreams fills his head
when he lays down in his bed
(sometimes that's all ya got left)

there's a pretty girl
walkin' a yellow dog
right down Dekalb Avenue
where the MARTA meets the fog

there's a wild wind
blowin' down the old railway
and i wonder where she's goin'
she comes here every day
i wonder where she's goin'
This song is from the album "Beneath the Velvet Sun".