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Shawn Mullins feat. Shawn Colvin Lyrics
"Somethin' To Believe In"

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i've never been the one
who had my head on straight
so i gave myself this job
now i'm waitin at the gate
for my bag to be inspected
for some crazy reason
i am always suspected
of smugglin somethin through
like smoke or dope
or airplane glue
the sergeant waves me through

and i know
you've got somethin to believe in
down deep inside your soul
hey friend
dont you stop beleivin
in the dreams that you had
when you were just a lad

bare down
take another town
and station by storm
crank up the tunes beneath the full moon
and the carolina corn
but dont let it pass you by
cause someday you'll wake up
askin yourself why
you sat there at your desk
suckin on a corporate breast
you turned out like the rest
here we go


hey you
check out the view
windin down the 1
me and the miss
sharin bliss
and soakin up the sun
and i feel like
i've been resurrected
in my lifetime i have
never felt protected
and loved like i do
when i am here with you
only you

This song is from the album "Beneath the Velvet Sun" and "Essential Shawn Mullins".