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Roger Wallace - Lyrics


album : That Kind Of Lonely [2001]

01. I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time lyrics
02. That Kind Of Lonely lyrics
03. You're Gonna Break My Heart lyrics
04. Good Thing You Love Me lyrics
05. I Never Picked Cotton lyrics
06. Drinking Or Crying lyrics
07. From The Time I Get Up lyrics
08. Almost Good Tonight lyrics
09. Square One lyrics
10. Don't Tell Me You're Not Crying lyrics
11. The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me lyrics
12. First Train Heading South lyrics

album : The Lowdown [2002]

01. The Lowdown lyrics
02. Blow Wind Blow lyrics
03. There's a Song in There Somewhere lyrics
04. I'll Catch You When You Fall lyrics
05. What Did I Do (The Teardrop Song) lyrics
06. You're a Heavenly Thing lyrics
07. Stranger Pickin' lyrics
08. The Wandering Fool lyrics
09. Two Things lyrics
10. So Long (Be Gone) lyrics
11. Me and Abalina Jane lyrics
12. Rose Marie lyrics
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