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Rise Against Lyrics

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on clearer days I can see the lights from my bedroom door
on windy nights I can smell the lake as it drifts to me from the shore
the traffic lights silently change a thousand times a day
but I'm still waiting
yeah I'm still waiting

if my hand could block the sun
would we ever wake up?
If I turned back all these clocks
would that be time enough?

I can't remember exactly when this longing began
but I know it wasn't before the day you touched my hand
laugh and shout in blissful daze
and numbers are exchanged
I'm still waiting
yeah I'm still waiting


so put your hands where I can see them
and shut your mouth
I know who you are
in a world void of feeling or heart
I know that we are the torches in the dark

let's break this down
let's make this count
let's leave this one-horse town
no better time than now

the angels dance
like feathers float
they're here to see and to be seen
the clock strikes two
the music slows
and each one slowly dons their wings
once outside
they all pair off and hand in hand they leave
but I'm still waiting
yeah I'm still waiting

Would We Ever Wake Up?
This song is from the album "Revolutions Per Minute".