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Rikk Agnew Lyrics
"Section 8"

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Shell shocked and trigger happy, (marching further out of line)
I live in peace but I'm still fighting (marching further out of line)
Who is wrong and what is right? (marching further out of line)
My mind is warped from wartime tension, (marching further out of line)

They cant keep me, wont contain me [x8]

Once upon a time in a faraway land,
I went about my business in the usual way,
Led a normal life, had an angel of a wire.
Sweating through my job till it was time to play.

But then...
I got a letter, from uncle sam,
Report for duty, become a man,
Your god and country is all you need,
The only reward is that we'll let you bleed.

Didnt wanna go be another G.I.Joe,
Discipline is something i could never take.
Throw upon the line the decision wasnt mine,
Striped of my persona over coals I was raked.

Exploitation, enduration
My god get me out of here, for heavans sake!
Section 8, you think I'm crazy.
Section 8, you think I'm crazy.
Section 8! Section 8!


Section 8, you think I'm crazy!
Section 8, you think I'm crazy!
Section 8! Section 8!

I'm not crazy!!
This song is from the album "All By Myself".