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Reisa L. Gerber Lyrics
"St lucy's apple cider"

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Oh sparkler, my sparkler,
Light my little sparkles,
Just like st lucy's comet,
And let me smile in the smallness of the dark...
Oh sparkler, sparkler,
Tell me where u got that?
Did u sit ur own moon
On a proud soul
And beat a life and a body down?
Did u shatter in your new demention,public proclamation? Friends...
Forty years inside this heart
And teach me the meaning of the word?
Like u didn't call me a crazy, lol
Another ghost and Casper too
On the dot
L.u.v. make hot...
Did u "blow america away" with ur quality heady sweetness,
And keep the butt of ur jokes in private,
Where the heinous public might be smiling,
As u let him in?
Oh sparkler, sparkler,
Shine in the light
In side the power of the bar
The trade of fools
And just another cup of st. Lucy's apple cider,
And smile after the box was open,
Let it smile in the dark
Just like st lucy's aple cider,
Opening the door to
"Kick it in" or "trick or treat" on Halloween?
Good if u can rise above the drunkards threats...
And I hit on forensic files...
That girl who they're holding on death row in Texas,
She is on death row and a millionaire is working for her defense...&
Respects herself on every beautiful level.
I just wish that another issue is examined. She supposedly did her son
in as a little child...some opinion has been questioned.
A woman I know did kill her mother. But they let her out on insight or
drug stability ... Please don't throw her life away...radically leftist here,
but just a shot in the dark. Its unfair...Casey Anthony got off...but we
Don't even know if this poor woman is guilty. They need an exact recall
of the situation... and that is that...I don't no the details but wait.
Something isn't right.