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Radio Control Lyrics
"My Master"

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Well I warned you once, my master
That the breeze belongs to the seas
Don't pretend that you're ahead of it

This is the last time
I hold you to it,
Though you're still young
If you insist on
Laying claim to the land that you've tread on

Oh I've tried, my master
But your age and your growing up

Is your crutch be aware of it

Sing out not inside
Don't rely on your face for a smile
Understand your anger
What's easy now will get harder.

All our insides
Are just infants

All our hearts fill
And empty in equal parts

I swear on high, I'm still here
Though when time gets rough
You might be tempted to give in too
This song is from the album "Tour 2012" and "Should We?!".