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R. Kelly Lyrics
"Forever More"

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Baby, I've been sitting here thinking
how blessed I am to have someone
like you in my life
And I'm excited, so so excited
about being with you for the
rest of my life

Looking at all these hands
damn I use to be a lonely man
Could never understand
why I had no one to take my hand

But then the weather changed
mother nature brung the sun my way
Now girl you're who I am
and I have you for the rest of my days


How the sun comes up in the early
morning time, girl
I vowel to be forever loving you
rain or shine
How the moon takes on this romantic
I'll be loving you
forever more
ooh yeah

I use to think that

I would never have
a serious relationship
Always praying for that one
to come along and give me
what I miss
but those thoughts are no more
ever since you came into my life
its like Heaven opened it's doors
and showered down on me the perfect wife


Baby, our house, our house is a home
the car, we own
what's mine is yours
the keys to the doors
my family (my family)

my friends (my friends)
Heaven drum say
our house, is a home
the car, we own
the keys to the doors
my family (my family)
my friends (my friends)
The church
we belong together
it's on.....

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This song is from the album "Chocolate Factory".