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Quantice Never Crashed Lyrics
"Shaolin Casanova"

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Fuck you. I want to know how it feels that I'm the
best you could ever have, so tell me when you lose
your nerve. So what'd you go looking for and why?
How long did it take before you stopped?
Don't worry. It suits you just fine.
You would think after all this time your taste would
have lifted from my lips and I would forget your eyes
were out for gold and all the rest.
And I won't forgive- because I can't forget the weight
I carry in my chest. I'm far too far from giving up-
I swear. I swear. My wishes remain the same: for steady
hands to be held. Hands to hold,
and to be held. But what's left to heal?
What's left of me? You'll get what you deserve- and
when the time is right, you'll see it's funny how little
it takes for you to become everything you say you hate.
But don't worry. It suits you just fine.
When you're out of sight- you'll be out of mind.
Just like you showed me. I'll never admit how hard
I fell. (so close, but not this time.
) So after all this time, what can you say for yourself?
You fell so far, and for what?
You took more than time.
(i'll never be this sick again.
you have to know this is tearing me apart.
) You took more than time. You know damn well I wasn't ready for this.