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Princess feat. 50 Cent Lyrics

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(Intro)(50 cent)
U Heard Ciara'z song Goodiez dis is anotha version of Goodiez
See Da feelin dat princess had for so many years
has finally been brought out
she loves to sing and dance and rap and shes amazing
even tho she white she beautiful, she great, she aint like da rest
she da best
she only 13 buh she still sexay

oh oh ohhhhhh

hey baby hey baby hey baby hey baby
U know u love and want and need my kandiez
see u may think now dat i a slut but i dont think so
im sexy and u aint gon figure out
dat ma man is a ass and he took advantage of me in da kandiez
ma kandiez r lucious, so irresistible, love me ill love u back
please believe me

my life wuddnt go wit da flow if i didnt have ma kandiez
if i was a flat chested bitch like Dilan yes i memba u
id be so embarassed
sittin on ma bed writin dis song i think about his kandiez
u may think dat im jus some lil white girl from the west side
buh im more den dat
i loved his kandiez now he treat me like some whore

i need to get him up out ma mind and in ma bed baby and our kandiez
need to meet

kandiez n goodiez goodiez n kandiez
princess haz got herz
she don need a man to support her

sometimes u can get along
wit someone den 2 weeks later have a dif thought
i aint neva gon forget u n ur kandiez
i still love u buh i aint gettin wit u
no never
never again
u treat me like a peice of shit
remember me at heart how us n our kandiez rocked da world

(chours fadin out)