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Point Of Grace Lyrics
"Begin With Me"

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Lord I know sometimes you look down and shake your head,
When we know what we should do, and do the other thing instead.
We're livin in glass houses and we're throwin sticks and stones,
But the love that will come to us is the love that we have shown.
Ignite a fire in my spirit,
And when i wanna make a difference this will be my prayer.

Begin with me,
Turn my world upside down,
Come change my heart around,
Lord keep on washin me clean.
Begin with me,
Come and renew my mind,
And lead me to the light,
'Till I am more like you Jesus.

Begin, begin with me.

Have you ever noticed that we love to give advice,
We offer up suggestions without thinkin twice.
Got twenty-twenty vision when we're watchin someone else,
But it's a little blurry when we're lookin at ourselves.
I can't forget to check the mirror,
that's when i'll find the only one that he wants me to change.


Starting right here, right now
Lord I surrender to you
Ready to serve, Ready to love
'Cause that is all that matters in the end.

chours repeat 2x's

Begin with me.
This song is from the album "Free to Fly".