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Plasmatics Lyrics
"Pig Is A Pig"

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Now This Song Is Dedicated
To A Special Kind Of Person
The Kind Of Person That's Hiding
Under Rocks And In Closets
Wherever You Go
Behind A Guise Of Respectability
The Cowardly Journalist
Who Hides Behind His Typewriter
Exploiting People Who Can't Fight Back
The Assassin
Who Strikes People By Surprise

The Sickie Sadist
Who Hides Behind His Police Badge
To Commit Crimes Of Violence
Against Other People
Whatever Role They Are Playing
These Creeps
Are Always The Same
A Pig Is A Pig
And That's That

(Ichi Ni San Shi)

Your Stinkin' Lies Are So Lame
Your Stupid Ideas Are The Same
A Pig Is A Pig
And That's That
You Know Who You Are

Your Phoney Pose Is So Old
You're Just A Product From The Mold
A Pig Is A Pig
And That's That
You Know Who You Are
I Can Predict What You'll Do
'cause Everyone Else Is Like You
A Pig Is A Pig
And That's That
Stupid Mean And Ugly

Down In The Dirt Where You Go
Lower Than You You Can't Go
A Pig Is A Pig
And That's That
Big Brother's Watching You

You Can Dress Up In Disguises
You Can Try To Mesmerize 'em
You Can Surround
Yourself With Friends
Who Tell You What You Want To Hear
But In The End No Matter What You Do
You Will Come Shining Through
This song is from the album "Early Years".